Different types of topology | Types of topology

Types of topology

The following article provides detailed information about Different types of topology. In this description the types of topology covered is Bus Topology and Ring Topology along with advantages, disadvantages in detail.   Different types of topology:   What is network topologies? In computer network, computers are connected in different ways using many devices. But the method […]

Metropolitan Area Network | LAN WAN


The following computer networking article provide us all the information related to Metropolitan Area Network and LAN WAN. Along with their features and examples of each are included in this article. What is Metropolitan Area Network, Local area network- LAN and Wide area network- WAN are described below.   Metropolitan Area Network, LAN, WAN: Introduction […]

Elements of communication process |communication flow

Communication process

The following article gives detailed information about elements of communication process and communication flow occur in computer network. All the elements of communication process occurred are explained in this process.   Elements of communication process- It is the passing of any information from sender to the receiver through a selected channel i.e. medium. Communication Process […]

Primary and Secondary memory | CPU RAM

primary secondary memory

In the following article types of main memory of computer are described which is given as primary and secondary memory and CPU RAM along with their examples and characteristics.   Primary and Secondary memory:   When we make use of computer at the time we always think about the memory of computer. To do fast […]

Formatted input and output in C | Consol

Formatted input output

In the following article all formatted input and output functions in C programming as well as character input and output functions in C are discussed in detail. Along with this all console input output functions like printf(), scanf(), getch(), clrscr(), getchar(), putchar() are given here with their syntax and examples.   Console Input Output Functions: […]

Command Line Interface | Argumentation

Command Line Interface

In the following article we are discussed related to command line interface used in programming along with types of arguments passed in it. The process of argumentation means passing the arguments during main() function of every program. Command Line arguments: First we discuss about basic concepts related to command line argument.   What is mean […]

Types of operators in C | Operators in C language

Types of operators

In this article we are discussed about various types of operators in c language used. There are 8 types of operators in c language are used are explained along with description. C operators: Operators are the one who performs operation on numbers and values. In programming these are the symbols which are used to perform […]

Keywords in c language | Types of constants in c

Types of constants

In the following article we are are discussing about keywords in c language and types of constants in c. In the C programming 32 keywords are used as well as various types of constants in c are explained in this blog.   C Keywords or Keywords in C program: Keyword means reserved words in c programming […]

Basic data types in c | Primitive data types in c

Data types in c

In the following article we are are discussing about basic data types in c and primitive data types in c. All information related to basic data types in c are given in detail along with examples. All the basic data types in c are explained along with programmatic explanation. Basic data types in C: Data […]