CD Rom drive | SMPS for PC

CD rom drive
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In this article we provide information about CD ROM drive and SMPS for PC. The working of CD ROM drive is given in detail along with size and application also AC adapter.


CD ROM drive:

Nowadays the era of floppy is gone and the era of CD has come. Because this is the way he is.

CDs are now available at low cost. Moreover, more information is stored in CD than in Floppy.

CD Rom

                                           CD Rom

Moreover, the floppy disk can sometimes get damaged and the information in it is lost.

All these possibilities are very less in CD.

About 700 MB of information is stored in a CD. This CD is also made of magnetic material.

Information written on CD cannot be erased. Hence it is called ROM.

A Re-Writable CD can only write or erase information multiple times.

A CD ROM drive is required to read the information in the CD.

This CD ROM drive is installed in the CPU.

It is also external to the CPU like a floppy drive i.e. the same port is visible from the outside and the CD is read from there.

The CD ROM drive is supplied with voltage from the SMPS.

CD ROM drive light blinks while data is being read from CD.

DVD ROM is similar to CD ROM in that it reads DVDs and CDs.

A CD writer writes CDs while a DVD writer writes CDs + DVDs.

DVD is available in 4 GB or 8 GB capacity.

We can run the files, photos, movies in the CD or DVD of the computer in our CD or DVD player.


S.M.P.S. (SMPS):

S.M.P.S. means Switch Mode Power Supply.

Computer needs Direct Current (DC) power supply.



A computer needs electricity to run its electronic components and process data instructions.

S.M.P.S.: It converts AC voltage to DC.

Cabinets are available in various shapes, styles and sizes in which the cabinet itself has SMPs. Seats are available.


There are two types of SMPS.

AT and ATX are in such formats.

ATX SMPS are currently available in the market. And they are the most used.

AC voltage is converted and supplied to the motherboard and other devices.

SMPS is like a box. SMPS is light in weight and small in size.

A fan is installed in it so that the SMPS does not overheat.
The SMPS supplies the hard disk, CD ROM, floppy drive, and motherboard.

S.M.P.S. There is a fuse that gets damaged when the voltage goes too high.

It does not affect the system.

A laptop has an AC adapter which is external to the system. Due to this, the battery of the note book stores the power supply for 2 to 3 hours.



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