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Computer keyboard
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In this article all the information related to Computer Keyboard Keys and Their Functions as well as mouse keyboard are provided. Types of Computer Keyboard Keys and mouse clicks are included in this blog.


Computer Keyboard Keys and Their Functions:-

Keyboard is the input device of computer.

You can interact with the computer with the help of the keyboard.

A keyboard is used to give information or specific instructions to the computer.

A keyboard is usually like a typewriter.

As we type on the keyboard, the letters appear on the screen.

A keyboard has some buttons to draw special symbols.


Types of Keyboard keys:

The key board generally consists of the following four parts.

1) Functional Key Tree
2) Alpha Numeric Key Tree
3) Numeric Key Tree
4) Cursor Key Tree

1) Functional Key Tree :-

It contains functional keys like F1 to F2. All these are used for specific work only.

2) Alpha Numeric Key Tree :-

It contains English initial letters A to Z. Total numbers are 26 and 0 to 9.

3) Numeric Key Tree :-

It contains numbers from 0 to 9 and some special keys are used only for some special functions.

4) Cursor Keys :-

Left, Right, Down, Up these keys are used to move to the place.


There are at least 83 and 127 buttons on the key board.

All normal key boards have 110 keys.

Multimedia keyboard have more than 110 keys.

Keyboards are available in normal, piece/2, USB and wireless ports.

In Windows XP, click on the Start menu and type OSK on the Run option and press the ENTER button.

Otherwise, if you click on a window with a keyboard, the same keys will be typed on which you will click. When not, the on-screen keyboard comes in handy.



Keyboard Mouse

Mouse :-

Although not as necessary as a keyboard, the mouse is an input device that is very useful in the Windows world. Cannot type letters or numbers with mouse. A mouse is a viewing device. A normal mouse has 3 buttons. Now the current mouse has 2 buttons and the wheel for scrolling is between the 2 buttons. The mouse is attached to the back of the CPU. The mouse is available in serial, USB as well as wireless ports.
Graphics, designs, pictures, diagrams are easily possible due to the medium of the mouse. In Microsoft Pants, pictures are drawn with the help of a mouse.


Types of mouse:

There are 3 types of mouse.

1) Mechanical Mouse :-

This early type of mouse has a small ball shaped ball at the bottom which moves with the mouse and its wire is connected to the CPU.

2) Optical Mouse :-                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

This mouse does not have a button on the lower part. The light emitted by the mouse controls the movement of the mouse.

3) Cordless Mouse :-

This type of mouse runs on battery. Works via wireless with CPU. Asha mouse is also called wireless mouse.


Types of actions on mouse:

The mouse generally performs the following types of actions.

1) Click :-

The act of pressing the left mouse button once and immediately releasing it is called click. We can select something by clicking.

2) Double click :-

Pressing the left button twice consecutively and releasing it is double click. Double click in mouse is used to open a program, file open.

3) Right Click :-

The act of pressing the right button of the mouse once and immediately releasing it is called right click. We can see a list of recommendations related to a conference on the screen.



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