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CRT monitor
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The following article gives an information related to CRT monitor and portable monitor. The types of monitor like all in type of monitors which are used in the real time applications like colleges, government offices, computer labs, IT industries are explained in this blog.


CRT Monitor:

The information given to the computer with the help of keyboard is displayed on the screen which looks like a television set is called “monitor”.

A monitor is a visual display unit called a VDU. It is called this. A monitor is called an output device of a computer.

A monitor is called an output device of a computer.

Monitor Size:

The size of a monitor is measured in the length of its screen i.e. the corner of the screen.



Generally 15″, 17″, 19″, 21″ monitors are available in the market.

Flat screen monitors are widely sold these days.

The bigger the size, the more expensive it is.


Types of Monitors :-

Advances in electronics have made various types of monitors available. Monitors are similar to televisions in terms of size and technology.

Monitors are called CRTs (cathode ray tubes) because they are made of cathode ray tubes.

Because of the large size of the CRT, small and compact monitors began to be produced.

This monitor is called flat screen monitor or LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Such monitors are small in size and occupy less space. But these are more expensive than normal monitors.

Flat screens are used in laptops, palm tops, note books.

Monitor used to be one color is called monochrome i.e. black and white monitor.

At present color monitors are used. Black and white monitors use black, white, orange, green or gray colors. While in color monitor, red, green, blue colors are used.


Monitor Resolution:-

The quality of the images displayed on the monitor depends on the resolution of the monitor.

The letters, numbers, pictures that we see on the monitor are made up of small dots.

These dots are called pixels.

Vertical and horizontal lines are arranged on the monitor.

The more pixels per unit area, the clearer the image appears on the monitor.

The colors displayed on the monitor depend on the color graphics card installed on the motherboard.

VGA and SVGA cards are currently available.

Super VDO Graphics Adapter and Video Graphics Adapter.

The Super Super Video Graphics Adapter displays 4 million colors on the sixth screen.

It has 1024 lines and each line has 1280 pixels since the pixels are close.

As the number of pixels increases, the size decreases. And the picture looks clearer.

Today’s monitors come equipped with a TV TunerCard Ready Mate, allowing you to watch Cable Direct on your monitor.

There are buttons on the lower side of the monitor.

These buttons can be used to increase or decrease the screen size of the monitor.

Contrast and Brightness can be increased and decreased.

Moreover, the button to turn the monitor off or on is also located here.


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