Modem router | Hard Disk drive

Modem router
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The following article gives an information related to modem router and hard disk drive. The types of modem like external and internal modems which are used in the real time applications like colleges, government offices are explained in this blog.


Modem router and Hard Disk drive:

Modem means when data exchange between computers is to be done through digital signal, modem is needed.

A digital signal cannot pass through the analog signal of a telephone. That is, the message is to be sent from one computer to another computer through the telephone line.

Then they use modem.

The signal coming from the computer is digital and it is analogized with the help of modem.

The modulation process converts digital signal into an analog signal.

Conversely, the process of converting an analog signal into a digital signal is called demodulation.

This action is performed by the modem.


There are two types of modems. 



  1. External Modem
  2. Internal Modem


1) External Modem (External):-

When the modem is connected to the computer externally. Then it is called external modem.

The modem is connected between the computer and telephone line.


2) Internal Modem (Internal):-

When the modem is connected to the mother board in the CPU of the computer. Then it is called internal modem.

Only a telephone line is connected to the modem.

Modem is mainly used to access internet. The unit for measuring data from a modem is bits per second (bps).

Today’s modems are of 56 kbps speed.

Data cards of mobile companies are available for internet in laptops. Tata, Reliance, etc. data cards have become available.


Hard Disk:

The hard disk is embedded in the CPU of the computer.

hard disk

                                    Hard Disk

It is not easily ejected like a floppy. A hard disk is like a box.

In this box, 3 to 8 discs are stacked one on top of the other.

Each of these tracks and sectors each disk has a read write head.

Today’s hard disks have become much smaller than the earlier hard disk sizes.

A hard disk can store many times more than a known floppy disk.

Now available in the market in sizes from 20Mb to more than 80Gb.

The information that is stored in the computer is in the hard disk.

Since the hard disk is an electronic part, it can malfunction at times.

Therefore, the data on the hard disk can be taken as a backup on another hard disk or CD.

Data can be recovered, even if it is lost.

Now sata hard disks have come in the market, they transfer data faster than normal hard disks and their capacity to store data is more.



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