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Network scanner
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In the following article the concept of network scanner is elaborated along with text scanner. Network scanner are again divided with flatbed scanner and portable scanner. Work of web camera and for storage purpose pen drive are explained in this article.


Network Scanner :-

Scanner works to convert the scanned information and its image into a language that can be processed by the system unit.

There are 3 types of scanning devices which are

1. Optical scanners,

2. Bar code scanners

3. Character recognition devices.


1. Optical Scanner:-

It is simply called a scanner.

Scan means processing the information and image in a form that can be read by the system.

Optical scanners do not understand letters or images, but scanners understand light, dark, and color patterns to create letters and images.

The scanned information is stored in the computer as a file. It can be read or printed.

There are 2 types of optical scanners

1) Flatbed scanner :-

To make a copy of a page, the page is placed on the glass of the scanner and it is scanned.

2) Portable Scanner :-

It is a hand held scanning device.

2. Bar code scanner reader :-

This type of scanner is scanned by holding the scanner which you have seen in big stores or shopping malls.

Some readers are mounted in specific locations.

It is called flat form reader.

The scanned code is sent to the computer where all the information like weight, price and availability of the item is stored.

The scanner analyzes the information and provides the latest information about the item to the electronic cash register.

3. Scanners that recognize letters and symbols:-

Scanners of this type come to recognize letters and symbols.

Such scanners are used for specific purposes.

It is useful for identifying the letters on the check in the bank as well as for calculating the points according to whether the pencil stroke is selected from among the many options.

There are 3 types: MICR , OCR, OMR.

Web camera:

As you will see in the movie, the hero is chatting with the heroine, and while the heroine is chatting with him, the heroine is seen as a live picture on the monitor screen. Therefore, the picture that comes in front of the web camera will be seen by another person.

A web camera is like a video shooting camera.

You can see the output of what he has shot and recorded on the monitor screen.

A web camera is rated by its mega pixels, the more mega pixels, the clearer the video.

We can shoot small and big events at home with a web camera.

Pen Drive :-

A CD writer is required to store data in a CD.

It becomes difficult to copy data in places where there is no CD writer.

Floppy can store very little data, so floppy cannot be used to copy large data.

Pen drives sizes from 256MB to 8GB.

Copying data in this is very easy.

Just as we copy a file in PC and paste it elsewhere, we can paste or copy data in the pen drive.

It is connected to USB port.

If you want to access the pen drive on machine, you have to open My Computer and it opens a pen drive drive with another name like F: drive.

Pen drive now also comes with MP3 player so we can use it for 2 types: To listen to songs and copy data.


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