OSI Model Layer

OSI model layer
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In the following article all the information related to OSI Model Layer are provided. All detailed description from OSI Model Layer establishment, protocol and why it is called OSI model is given here.


OSI Model Layer:

What comes in your mind when you think about OSI Model? Do you know about OSI model?

In the beginning the development of Networks was very chaotic. The reason for this is that each vendor had its own proprietary solution.

The bad thing in this is that the solution of one vendor was not compatible with the other. OSI Model was born just to solve this problem.

In this, layered approach was used to network, in which hardware vendors used to design hardware for the network, while others used to develop software for the application layer.

By using an open model where everyone agrees, it means to create a network that is compatible with everyone. To fix this problem, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) studied different networks and in 1984 the OSI Model was prepared. It was compatible with all vendors.

This OSI Model is not just a model to make networks compatible, but it is a very good way to explain people about networks.

So today I thought why not provide information about what is OSI Model and what are all its OSI Layers and their functions.


OSI model –

OSI model is a reference model which is not used in real life, it is used only as a reference model.

Full form of OSI is Open System Interconnection (OSI) model, it is an ISO standard of worldwide communication networks which defines a networking framework so that protocols can be implemented in Seven Layers.

The OSI Layer Model has been prepared by the international organization for standards where OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection. By this method the communication system is divided into seven different layers.

Here a layer is an assortment of theoretically comparable functions that offer services to the layer above them and get services from the layer below them. The OSI Layer Model facilitates the user to have a blunder free transportation transversely a network and at the same time it also offers the pathway as required by the applications.

Here the layers throw the packets and also find which provides the path to the contents.

The OSI Layer Model offers a framework for networking that employs protocols in these seven layers.

In this processing control is exceeded from one layer to another and this process continues till the end. In this, processing starts at the bottom layer and then goes over the channel to the next station, then later returns to its hierarchy.


What is OSI Layer?

Layering in Communication Process means a process which means breaking down the communication process into Smaller and Easier to handle interdependent categories.


What are layer protocols?

The conventions and rules that are used in such communications are collectively called Layer protocols.


When was the OSI Model established?

The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model was developed by ISO (International organization for standardization) in 1984. ISO is the organization that is completely dedicated to define such global communication and standards.


Why is this model called OSI?

This model is called Open System Interconnection (OSI) because this model allows two different systems to communicate, regardless of their underlying architecture.

Therefore, the OSI reference model allows open communication between two different systems, without requiring any changes to its underlying hardware and software.



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