Types of topology in computer network | Star bus topology

Types of star bus topology
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The following article provides detailed information about types of topology in computer network. In this description the types of topology covered is Star Topology, Tree Topology, Hybrid Topology and Mesh Topology along with advantages, disadvantages in detail.


3. Star Topology –

In Star Topology all the computers are connected to the hub through cables. Which is a kind of central node.

In this, all the computers are connected to a central node.

Star topology

                                Star topology


Advantages of Star topology

  • This topology provides faster performance due to reduced network traffic.
  • It is easy to upgrade the hub in this.
  • Its setup is done easily.
  • Its maintenance is cheap.
  • If one computer goes down, it has no effect on the other network.


Disadvantages of Star topology

  • All nodes depend on the hub.
  • If the hub fails, the entire network will shut down because all the nodes are connected to the hub.


4. Mesh topology –

Mesh topology is a type of point to point connection.

In this, all the nodes or devices are connected to each other through a network channel.

Mesh topology

                           Mesh topology


Advantages of Mesh topology

  • This topology is very strong.
  • It is easy to fix any kind of problem in it.
  • This topology provides a good security.
  • Each of its connections has the capacity to load data.


Disadvantages of Mesh topology

  • This is an expensive topology.
  • It requires a large amount of cable.
  • It is a difficult task to install and configure.


5. Tree topology –

In tree topology, nodes are linked in a hierarchical manner.

In this all nodes are connected to a top node which is called root node.

Tree topology

                                     Tree Topology

This topology contains the details of star and bus topologies.


Advantages of Tree topology

  • A large number of nodes are used in this.
  • Maintaining and managing it is an easy task.
  • If there is an error in it, it is easy to find out.


Disadvantages of Tree topology

  • It is costlier than all other topologies as it requires more wires.
  • If the root node shuts down or malfunctions, it causes all other nodes to shut down.


6. Hybrid topology –

Hybrid topology is a mixture of two different types of topology.

Like there is star and mesh topology at one place, So hybrid topology is formed by combining those two types of topology.

Hybrid Topology

                                              Hybrid Topology

Advantages of Hybrid topology

  • It is very easy to find any kind of problem in it.
  • It is a flexible network topology.
  • This topology provides reliability.


Disadvantages of Hybrid topology

  • Designing it is a difficult task.
  • It is expensive topology as it consists of more than one topology.




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